What is the BG Sand Garden?

The BG Sand Garden is an initiative by BuidlGuidl aimed at funding focused, high-leverage open-source projects. By providing a monthly UBI to handpicked developers, we support ongoing contributions to the BuidlGuidl and the Ethereum ecosystem.

What is the difference between the BuidlGuidl and the BG Sand Garden?

The BG Sand Garden is just a working group inside the BuidlGuidl community. Maintaining the spirit of the BuidlGuidl – learning and experimentation – the BG Sand Garden adds intentionality, a focus on quality, and commits to delivering complete projects.

What are the core values of the BG Sand Garden?

  • 100% remote / 90% async
  • Quality over quantity
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Keeping things simple & avoid over-engineering / early optimizations
  • Iterative spirit: Start simple (but complete) and build from there
  • Avoid bloated processes
  • Being nice to each other
  • Self-accountability
  • Self-organization
  • Keeping your peers in the loop

How can I join the BG Sand Garden?

There is no single path or application process to join the BG Sand Garden.

Members are usually part of the BuidlGuidl or participant in any of the project-focused cohorts, and have proven their ability to consistently deliver value and align with our core values.

How do streams work?

Streams represent the MAX amount that a developer can withdraw each month. When full, it doesn't recharge until a withdrawal is made.

Developers can withdraw from their stream when working on any of the BG Sand Garden's projects.

Who is funding this initiative?

The BG Sand Garden is funded by the BuidlGuidl.