Scaffold-ETH 2

An open-source, up-to-date toolkit for building decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.


A platform to learn how to build on Ethereum; the superpowers and the gotchas.

BuidlGuidl L2 testnet

L2 testnet (sepolia) for BuidlGuidl. Powered by the OP Stack.

ABI Ninja

Interact with any contract on Ethereum with a simple interface

BG Hacker Houses

An experiment to retroactively fund open-source work by providing a monthly UBI (via ETH stream) to open-source developers

Event Burner Wallet

A burner wallet experience for events

BuidlGuidl v3

A curated group of Ethereum builders creating products, prototypes, and tutorials to enrich the web3 ecosystem.

BuidlGuidl Grants

BG grants is a platform for funding open-source work in the Ethereum ecosystem

Recent Contributions